Hotel fair is a novel exhibition way of artwork in China. Youth generally represents vitality and hope. We hope to open the gate of growth for young artists and the gate of harvest for young collector on the young platform. We will wait for you in the Second Citizen Art Shanghai from May 31 to June 3, 2013.

From May 18 to May 21, 2012, flicking lights in Okura Garden Hotel and lively swarming scenes were so memorable that we will keep going forward. The second Citizen Art Shanghai has been launched. From May 31 to June 3, 2013, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel will bring us more beautiful and new artistic image.2012年5月18日至21日,难忘那几夜花园饭店的灯火璀璨,难忘那几天人潮涌动的热闹风景,因为难忘,更要奋力前行,第二届上海城市艺术博览会已经启动,2013年月31日至6月3日,愿万丽酒店带给你我更美的艺术新印象!

Young urban future style of Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel matches the city where people advocate changes and pursue new concept and technology. “Geomancy” is adopted during the course of hotel design, so ancient and avant-garde combination makes it a unique example full of modern style. Citizen Art Shanghai 2013 depends on this unique platform to show you the new trends of art collection.豫园万丽酒店年轻、都市、未来派的风格匹配了这座人人崇尚改变和追求新概念新技术的城市。酒店在设计过程中采用“风水”学说,古老与前卫的结合成就了充满现代气息的典范之作,2013年上海城市艺术博览会有幸倚借这个独特的平台,为参与博览会的您展示艺术收藏的新潮流。

As the host place of this Citizen Art Shanghai, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel is located in downtown of Shanghai, which has complete facilities and convenient transportation. The hotel is near Yuyuan Garden, so traditional garden and fashionable hotel echo to indicate innovation of citizen art shanghai. Ingenious hotel design makes scene of old Shanghai like unique furniture in the room and shows lingering elegance everywhere. You will enjoy all these in this expo from May 31 to June 3, 2013.本届城市艺术博览会的举办地豫园万丽酒店位于上海市中心,设施齐全交通便利,毗邻豫园,传统的园林与时尚的酒店交相呼应,预示着城艺会的推陈出新。酒店巧妙的设计让旧上海的景致成了房间内独特的家具,处处都是使人流连忘返的优雅,2013年5月31日至6月3日,这一切都将属于参与其中的你!

After successful holding of the first Citizen Art Shanghai, the second expo has started recruitment. The address of this expo is fashionable and classical Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel. With the good achievements and experience in the first expo, we are confident to bring fresh enjoyment to visitors and exhibitors during the expo from May 31 to June 3, 2013. On the journey of art and life conversation, we are expecting your participation. 暨第一届上海城市艺术博览会的成功举办后,第二届的招展已经启动,本次博览会选址时尚与古典相结合的豫园万丽酒店,有了首届的良好成果和经验,我们有信心会在2013年5月31日至6月3日的展会期间为广大参观者和参展商带来耳目一新的享受。在艺术与生活对话的旅程中,我们期待有您的参与。